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NJG 11 -- Roster

Squadron Staff Officers:
These are the administration officers who assign rank, position, and handle all incoming
member submissions forms. Only the most honorable members are Staff.
General Oberst
Commanding Officer
General der Flieger
Executive Officer
General Major
Recruiting Officer
General Major
Recruiting Officer II

Squadron Flight Members:
Note that rank and position is based on a meritorious system--Your Behavior Is Noted.
I.Staffel -- NJG11_Otto -- Major
I.Kette -- NJG11_Booboo -- Oberleutnant
II.Kette -- NJG11_wwII_ace -- Oberleutnant
III.Kette --
II.Staffel -- NJG11_Shifty -- Major
I.Kette -- NJG11_Whitey -- Oberleutnant
II.Kette --NJG11_HYTOWER -- Oberleutnant
III.Kette -- NJG11_Hinkel -- Oberleutnant
III.Staffel -- NJG11_Tbird -- Major
I.Kette -- NJG11_Vasya -- Oberleutnant
II.Kette -- NJG11_Beep -- General Major