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NJG 11 History
The history of the Nachtjagdgeschwader 11 is a relatively short, but turbulent, adventure.

Originating from two defecting members of the 214th, the 388th Hellhawks was the original
stepping stone to the modern NJG11 you see today. There, they recruited fifteen members,
and in a few days short of its two-month anniversary, had changed their titles to that of the
NJG11 (nearly all flew axis aircraft). Very little disciplinary action ever took place in this first
evolution, as none was needed; a developed recruitment process, through regular contact
and practice, weeded out the undesireables. As such, the reputation for the NJG11 was set
during its first months of existence.

As summer approached, many members took vacations; some even got new job offers and
were forced to cut out of the squadron. Those left felt that we were left with too few active
members, and so they also retired to join other more active squadrons. Subsequent attempts
to revive the NJG11 during the summer months were unsuccessful, and the staff reached a
general conclusion to bring the original squad back together for the launch of IL2.

This original squadron is still active, but has seen the branching off of sister squadrons:
NJG11 (Hyperlobby) (This squad), headed by NJG11_Franky, one of the original members of the
I/NJG11 , the "Original" squadron segment with a very small handful of veteran NJG11 members,
which will launch with the opening of IL2.
II/NJG11 , a "sister squadron" which is led by a successful commander from Microsoft Combat
Flight Simulator, who will be launching alongside I/NJG11 with IL2.

Since its creation in February of 2001, the Nachtjagdgeschwader has been unrivaled as the only
night-fighter squadron.