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Thanks To:
We would like to thank the following people for their contributions...

The Area52 Design Team (The other members of Boris, Jurgen and Dave), our faithful team of
assistants and designers who have helped the NJG11 and many of its present
and former members with unknown multitudes of projects, from websites to logi-
stics to teaching several skills to its members. I am proud to be one of you.

The original NJG 11 Squad for their help in making the Nachtjagdgeschwader everything it is
today. The reputation that you let the name of the NJG11represent has been
a credit to the squadron and its commanders--Ausgezeichnet!

The JG52 and 353rd squadrons of HyperLobby. You know what you have done for us since our
beginning, and I sincerely thank all the members of both squads for making HL
a better place for all.