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The Rest of Recruitment
Here's an overview of what you've done, and what is left to do:

1.) Read the Membership Requirements/Rules. FINISHED
2.) Submit Form for Database Filing. FINISHED

3.) Await reply from Commanding Officer, Exectutive Officer, or other Staff member.
That member will schedule a time and/or date for you to fly that member 1vs1.
Score on this test must be sufficient in order to continue on. From here, that Officer
will tell you whether you have passed (are now a member) or failed (Sorry).

4.) Check with the Roster page for your flight assignment. This is your team. As often as
possible, you should try to fly with only the members in your team. (E-mail an
Officer if you are wondering what all this is about, as it takes some space to explain)

5.) E-mail, Instant Message, or in any other way contact a Staff Officer with your proposed
callsign. All callsigns will be standardized in the following fashion:

Ex. Former name="#1NME"          I/NJG name= "I/NJG11_#1NME"

Note the underscore after NJG11! After your callsign has been approved, you may sign
in with your new uniform.

6.) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!: Pay very close attention: