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Multi-Level Security Complex
A justified question indeed: we're not on a military base, right?

Well... "yes" and "no." You see, the MLSC is designed to protect member information and
interest from prying eyes and untrustworthy figures. This isn't to say that a person who does
not have the highest level of security is dangerous. It simply comes with the position, like
most real-life security measures.

Level III Access is the lowest level of access granted to all members. It allows access to
the members page, and several outside communications (e.g. boardroom,
chatroom, and a surprise site, all to come).

Level II Access is the middle level of access. It is granted to "Lesser Officers," such as Gru-
ppe commanders, the Agressor Squadron Leading Officer, and some select
non-members who are authorized to the password (Such as the design staff
who are coordinating all member events).

Level I Access is, well, your level of access. All Officers and Staff members are granted this
security level, and allows complete access to just about all information reco-
rded, including most member information and  (the exceptions being explicit
information and surprise events, the stats from wars and other such hot-pot-
ato material).

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