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 SOP and Member Agreements

 I.) Main Member Agreements.
These agreements are not specific to each member, and are negotiable--obeying these
guidelines can (and will) affect your status, position, and ultimate career within the squadron.

WARNING: Direct Violation of Any of These Terms Will Be Grounds For Dismissal.

1) Recruitment Terms. Under no circumstances will approval/admissions be based upon
sex, age, race, nationality, or any other descriminatory terms. Membership is based
solely on a voluntary basis and is "equal opportunity".
a) Right of "Rank Shuffling". The NJG Staff reserves the right to skip members
       up in rank as they see fit, provided that the scores from the Flight Skills and
       Assessment Tests (herein referred to as FAST) are complimentary to this
b) Favor of Friend. All members will be started at the lowest rank unless: 1) "Rank
        Shuffling" occurs  2) Starting rank is as an officer or officer position.
c) Familiarization with Axis Planes. All members--except those already
        "Certified," will recieve a familiarization course with both the FW-190 and the
        ME-109. This is to provide a measure of preparedness since we are an axis
        squadron, and in case of missions which do not allow Allied aircraft.
2) Flight Times Agreement. All members MUST agree with, comply with, and obey the
                       following dictations.
a) Squadron Meets. Squadron meets will be held up to seven times per week. Many will
         be voluntary, but some may be mandatory. Mandatory events MUST be attended
         if at all possible. Please refer to flight regulations (Section 4 a) for these times.
I) Exception of Mandatory Events. A staff officer must be notified
in order for your absence to be excused.
b) Non-Meet Flight Times. The NJG stresses flight time severely. All members must
          make their best attempt to show up often in HyperLOBBY. Please refer to flight
          regulations (Section 4 b) for these times.
c) Wars. Several wars may occur during the year, perhaps more than one per month.
          The rules for wars are identical to those for mandatory squadron meets.
3) Behavioral Issues. All members will consistently conduct themselves in a mature,
                         respectful manner. Reports of departure from positive presentation of onself
                         will precede administrative action, which will be determined by the collective
                         staff and/or parties involved and witnesses. Consistent outstanding manners
                         and courtesies will be rewarded in an effort to amend the atmosphere of HL.
4) Flight Regulations. Members will try to the extent of their ability to stay with squadron
                         teammates and allies, if any are present. No member will consistently or
                         malaciously use offensive tactics, or any tactics which the Staff deems as
                         detractive to the atmosphere of the flight (e.g. repetitive "Boom & Zoom").
a) During Squadron Meets. Members are expected to remain with their squadron
           partners in the following fashion, the topmost being the preference:
I) Members of your assigned Kette.
II) Members of your assigned Gruppe.
III) Other Squadron Members.
IV) Squadron Allies (if any)
V) Non-squadron members (this includes "rival" squadrons).
b) During Non-Squadron Meets. Members are expected to follow the guidelines set
           in Section 4-a.
c) During Wars. Members will ONLY fly with their assigned Kette. If these members
           are not present, that member may then join another.
5) Direct Ignorance of Issued Orders. Orders are very, very rare within our squadron. However,
                         obeying the few orders that are given is absolutely mandatory, and ignoring this
                         may be used as grounds for dismissal.

All of these are subject to change without notice by any of the staff members to amend a situation
which we feel should be part of the successful operation of the squadron. Reprisal for violating these
guidelines will be scaled to the manner and severity of the offense.

 II.) MLSC System Usage.
1.) General Terms. The terminology of the Multi-Level Security Complex (herein referred to as the
MLSC) is applicable only to members and non-members who are issued passwords (Users). It is
expected that all Users retain their password and do not give it to others. Before being issued a
password, you should be able to agree to all the terms of this section. Each Security Level Has
Its Own Password. Please Write Them In A Safe Place.
(a) Level III Security. This is basic member security clearance, afforded by the rank of
Oberfeldwebel and below.
(b) Level II Secuirity. This is intermediate-level security clearance, providing all the information
of Level III, but providing also some more sensitive information. This is afforded by all non-Staff
officers (ranks of Hauptfeldwebel to Hauptmann).
(c) Level I Security. This is no-block, all access security clearance. This provides Staff officers
with limited personal information of members, from the rank of  Major to Oberst.
Refer to the Luftwaffe Ranks Chart for more information.
2.) Issuance of Passcodes and Passwords. Due to security reasons, a new password will be issued
to all members once every six months. Only those officers, or emmisaries of the officers, should
give new members their passwords.
(a) New members will be issued a password once they have agreed to all the terms of this
document. Under no circumstances may they recieve a password before they have done so.
(b) No member will be issued a password clearance code greater than their rank provides. If
information which is deemed necessary for a member who does not have proper clearance
to know, the contents of that page may be conveyed to that member only.
3.) Lost or Forgotten Passwords. Ideally, passwords should be obtained from the officers only.
However, if an officer does not know or is not available, you may ask other members. You should
try to avoid this, however, as "name stealing" is a problem of HyperLobby. Security breaches can
occur in this way.
4.) Replacment or Updating of Passwords. Passwords will be changed every six months. Upon
changing, the staff will send an e-mail to all members with their appropriate passwords.

 III.) Issuance of Awards and Medals.
1.) General Regulations. All awards and medals (herein collectively referred to as "medals") will be
issued by the Commanding Officer (CO) only. Apart from this, the following regulations will hold:
(a) Selection. Members will be awarded medals based on merit alone. All criteria for that medal
must be met before the medal is awarded.
(b) Modifications in Process. From time to time, new medals may be introduced and old medals
no longer available. The decision of this process is the sole responsibility of the Admin
2.) Standard Procedure of Issue. All medals will be presented to the member in HyperLobby by the
CO and XO. A record of this event will then be made and added to that member's "service jacket."

 IV.) Personal Pilot Records and Flight Time Adjustments
1.) Purpose of the Pilot Record Database. Both a simple and detailed version of every member's
information will be kept on site and available, upon request, to members and certain non-members.
(a) Contact Information. The Staff must continuously have a current and correct e-mail address
for each member.
(b) Accuracy of Information. It is agreed to that all members will submit their information as
completely and accurately as possible. As such, any inaccuracies or falsifications of their
personal information can be used as grounds for dismissal.
2.) Information Accessible to Officers. Only members' e-mail addresses, instant-message
addresses, and history will be available to the general officer's corps.
(a) Special Request of Information. Additional information may be requested through the CO,
XO, or Administrative Officer. Permission must be granted through one of these officers.
3.) Information Accessible to Staff. All staff officers have unrestricted access to all member
information and records.
4.) Policy of Anonymity and Security. No restricted information, under any circumstance, will
released to persons outside the squadron without direct and explicit consent of the Commanding
(a) The term "retricted information" refers to any information which that member specifically deems
personal, or by default, their full name and IP address.
(b) Each member reserves the right to withold information they deem damaging (such as age,
race, sex, etc.) from the general public, but must be included in their service jacket.