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Intrasquad Training
The old mantra "You never stop learning" is true even in simulated combat. Training is the
only way to be truly prepared to any degree for real dogfighting over the skies of Europe in
IL-2. You must master, or at the very least, be familiar with, many different forms
of Basic Combat Air Maneuvering, a class still taught to pilots today.

Since there are no true "masters" of this game, we must rely on each other to find, perfect,
and teach others new tactics and battle plans to your flight's members. It is your respon-
sibility as a TEAM MEMBER to conincide, work with, and prepare with your flight.   
Take a moment to realize the purpose of this statement:
a.) This promotes teamwork and communication between flight members.
b.) Encourages members to perfect their abilities in competition with other flight members.
c.) Skills learned between meets can be taken to the meets, and their effectiveness is prov-
     en in battle. Soon, a successful tactic will be imitated by all members, which gives us
     knowledge of many tactics at a time.

Now, lets get to the heart of the matter, training YOU.
Training Opportunities, November/December
Advanced Training Opporunities, November/December