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Note From the CO

Hello all,
I threw this page in here just to get all that official crap out of the way, and put in what
I really think counts.

      First off, I hope that the new NJG 11 will be a success. I know that recruitment will be diff-
icult due to the limitd flow of new members, but I think that over time we will grow to our former
glory. Who knows? We may even retrieve a few of our old members! The best that we can do
for now is present the I/NJG in a positive light. We need to make an impact in HyperLOBBY that
makes us known to the newcomers, as well as make an impact on them. We have to have a
particular something that separates us from every other squad--this we already have. Training
opporunities can be arranged any time; the command structure is tailored to the new recruits,
not the officers; the FAST test will be the most definitive tests of the pilot's skills of any squad-
ron in HL today; and the all-powerful Aggressor Demonstration Team. These are qualities that
I feel make the NJG worth flying for. I hope that you consider them the same, and contribute
your time and efforts into making the Vampires an empire.