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Thanks To:
The Staff (myself, particularly) would like to thank:

NJG11_Passat for his many, many contributions to the new NJG. Some of your many requests
are still in the process of inclusion, but I guaruntee that they will be included
ASAP. Your ideas were not only ingenious, but also new and fresh (loved the
idea about the agressors). Bravo!

The Area52 Design Team (Andy, Boris, Jurgen and Dave) who helped/are helping with the web
site design, and contributed to many of the goodies that are on the taxiway for
being uploaded to the site (including, but definitely not limited to, a Flash intro,
various downloadable goodies, interactive member records, and a much-impro-
ved roster page). Danke Schoen!

TedWulf and TnVols for finally making me realize that the NJG was heading down the wrong
road. Without my two best pilots resigning, it may have continued on unabated
 for quite some time. I think that you two made more of an impact on this new
version of the squad than perhaps any other person.

Preussen for his support and dedication during that short period similar to the Dark Ages. You
have also contributed to the current face of the NJG and we await your return.

The rest of the original NJG 11 Squad because, well, without them, this wouldn't exist in the
first place. Even if you are not returning to us, your contributions to the orignal
NJG reputation were usually good ones. All of you are welcome to return to the
uni if you can comply with our "new" rules.

The JG52, 353rd, and JV44 squadrons of HyperLobby. You know what you have done for us since our
beginning, and I sincerely thank all the members of both squads for making HL
a better place for all.

Jiri Fotjasek for his enormous and selfless efforts to keep the WWII Fighters community alive.
HyperLobby and your dedication to it and its users is an example for all of us to

The multitudes of people whom I cannot remember at the moment. A big thanks goes out to
all who supported the NJG and its members through good times and bad.