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Job Description
Aggressor Squadron Lead Officer

Difficulty Level (1-10):
MLSC Level:
Level II
Number of Subordinates:
3 Wingmen
Number of Assistants:
2 Staff Officers
Report Directly To:
Executive Officer
1 Week+
Optimal Flight Time:
2-3 Hrs/Day
Detailed Job Description:
The Agressor Squadron Lead Officer (ASLO) is directly in charge of the Agressor Detachment (AD). He will assist in the training and testing of potential Agressor Squadron Wingmen, and will also assist in the testing of potential members (regular roster).

The Staff is looking for a responsible member who can commit to at least 2 hrs/day, who has also had prior squadron experience or been a member for at least one week.

The ASLO will also need to be able to coordinate practices for the entire AD wing. We will have testing whenever it is convienient for the applicant. This position will remain open until a suitable member applies.

Contact the CO for additional information.