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Nachtjagdgeschwader 11
Welcome to the I/ NJG 11 Website.
December 1, 2001     12:07:42
Work continues on the SOP and Member Agreements.
The member page was updated with several new position openings.
Genuine WWII Luftwaffe awards are being researched, and medals will soon be able to be awarded to deserving members.

November 30, 2001      21:49:01
This week has been very busy, and here are a few of the releaseable goodies:

(1) -- There is a possibility of a collective NJG11 skin being made for WWII Fighters,
and possibly even for IL-2 Sturmovik.
(2) -- The waiting game returns to the squad once more as support for the full version
of IL-2 Sturmovik is being added to HyperLobby's long list of supported games.
Jiri has made a statement saying that it should be prepared by the end of this week.
(3) ::cough cough:: Did I hear... Flash? What? Oh... it seems the Area52 Design Team
strikes again--but not as you might expect. If you visit here often, we suggest
downloading the newest Flash Player for your system.

Visit the News Page for the latest, complete information.

November 25, 2001    12:06:47
We have some new developments concerning IL-2 Sturmovik.

First, and most important, we will still be operating out of HyperLobby. As Jiri has announced last week, IL-2 Sturmovik will be made compatible with HL as soon as he obtains a version of the game to work from. This is important because it means we will not be operating near the II/NJG11. Unfortunately, this also means we will be operating in close vicinity with the old HL community as a whole, representing a smaller populous of players to recruit from.

November 20 ,2001   11:11:36
IL2 is launched today!

The semi-finished newsletter for the month of December was posted early this morning
by Dave, who graciously spent much time writing out the details. Take a look at the
December issue of the NJG11 Newsletter on the News page.

November 18, 2001 12:03:56
The release of IL-2 draws ever nearer, and we're ready!!

The NJG11 has once again been revived in Hyperlobby, this time headed up by the
venerable NJG11_Franky. Some may remember him as an original member. We wish
him viel gluck!!

Visit the (HL) NJG11 at: .

September 27, 2001    19:13:56
Heh! Been more than a month, I've been real caught up in work and other real neat war
games (like Sudden Strike, Operation Flashpoint and Eurofighter Typhoon), but now the
wait for IL-2 begins. The squadron will be deactive until the day (rather, the moment ^_^ )
IL-2 is released.  We have some very new and important news that you should be
aware of--read here.

To sum it up in general, we are now I/NJG11--a comrade from MSCFS has worked out a
plan here. So go out and play--we'll take care of all the logistics for ya.

August 21, 2001    22:03:47
Just got back from 10 days on a navy ship... but anyway....

I recieved an offer from the Jagdverband 44 prior to that 10-day "vacation."  For the
time being, I have decided to join their ranks until there are more opportunities for
new members. I'm hoping to re-launch the NJG 11 with the release of IL-2 Sturmovik,
or perhaps when they spray WWII Online with an industrial-size can of bug repellant.

At any rate, the ranks of the Nachtjagdgeschwader 11 will be closed until further notice.

August 7, 2001    2:39:53
No, that time isn't written wrong! I guess love's labors really do have no limit!
Stayed up (really) late tonight...or rather, this morning... because of one huge event:
 The A52 team dropped by today and we're getting a fully-shocked "visitors center,"
perhaps in addition to a Flash entrance video! May not seem like much to you, but I
can tell you that getting to abandon the keyboard and HTML for a while is a walk in

August 5th, 2001    19:17:14
Hee hee... got back from an airshow in Falmouth today (Otis ANGB) and some guy
from out West got his jet-truck into... well, the side of a ditch....

But anyway, I've gotten back to updating the site after a lengthy stay with my new fav
game,  X-Plane. Can't shoot anything, and nothing blows up, so I guess WWII Fighters
is still riding a close 2nd.

Trying to pull things together again.... See you later, I'm going to lobby...

July 26, 2001     23:32:52
Got back from work late as I expected, but before I go off to bed I decided to update the
site for good measure.

Important News here!  I am tentatively scheduled to accompany a trip to the U.S.S.
Constitution for a 10-day overnight stint (this is with the same group as for the boot
camp, which ended one week ago to the day). The dates will be from August 10th -
August 21st, the first "day" being in transit. This, however, may change as I am still
trying to make my paychecks catch up with the two lost at bootcamp!

I'll keep you posted.

July 25, 2001     19:49:16
I've signed up for YahooGroups, which is now part of the Member's Site.

I've done a whole lot of researching on the NJG 11's past. Tomorrow I'm working late until
9:30, so I don't think I'll be doing much of anything in repect to the site until Friday.
I recovered photos that an ex-squad member sent in, but a few still need to be cropped
and converted to JPG format, so that should be a bit of work there.

Having problems with doubled-up names after launching into a game. Started today for
no apparent reason, which leads me to think it's caused by some kind of virus (which I
wouldn't doubt the existence of on my computer).

I've simplified the recruitment page's steps by quite a bit, and I'm working on several pages
in addition to the ones here on the main site. As you can see, the Staff site has also been
added with a similar password protection system.

As always, any suggestions you might have are always welcome!

July 24, 2001     21:01:38
The NJG is back up and running for the first full day since it was decomissioned. Thanks to
all those who assisted with the process of reincarnating the squadron.

Anyone who is from the original: know that there is always... always a place for you here,
and we'd love to have you back anytime.

July 23, 2001     14:15:42
The site is up on the web, running at just about full speed--all within an amazing 27 hours.

I would like to thank the following people for their recent assisstance in the creation of the
"Second Phase" NJG:
Passat (former, and hopefully returning, NJG)
Preussen (former, and hopefully returning, NJG)
The Area52 Design Team
Thank You!!!

I'm currently working on making a new boardroom page, and several more options for co-
mmunications between members.
See you in the skies,

July 22, 2001     21:49:50
The NJG 11 Website re-design is proving to be a significant project, with several designs, upgrades, and ideas in mind. Many members have contribted to the effort through user feedback, which should help us to be a better squadron overall when the recruitment process begins again.

We expect the NJG 11 to be running at full throttle by August 5th at the very latest.