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Other HyperLobby Squadrons:
Jagdverband (JV) 44 -- Official Site for the JV44.

Vital Links:
IL-2 Sturmovik --The official site for the game by Maddox.
HyperLOBBY --Download the latest version of HyperLOBBY.
Help for WWII Fighters --Help for just about every problem. --A special site just for WWII Fighters on
                                Download skins and various other custom modifications. --Aviaton page from the Netherlands. Excellent site for everything

Luftwaffe Informational Links:
Unsere Luftwaffe --Mostly in German, but an excellent site for photos.
Luftwaffe, 1933-45 --Just what it says, with the added benefit of completeness.
12 O'Clock High -- Great site for Luftwaffe and 8th AF information. --If it was German and in WWII, it's here.

Other WWII Fighters Squadron Sites: