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Here's the no-BS, straightforward recruitment procedure so many of us squaddies love.

How To Become A Vampire--

What's In It For Me?
The NJG11 is the Only night-fighter squadron of HyperLobby. Aside from this prestige, we invite you to join our exceptional squadron life--many opportunities for advancement, recognition, and more than anything else, a whole lot of fun.
We know that online gaming should be your last priority--always after work, school, or family. We are flexible and not too strict, and you'll be kept on the roster as long as you like, providing you fly at least once a week and/or keep in e-mail contact with the staff.
Also, you have the unique opportunity to take part in the new activities that have become the "lifeblood," so to speak, of the NJG-- inter-squad training, aggressor competitions, and inter-flight wars, to name a few.
After this, the Staff is highly member-oriented. If you suggest it, chances are it'll become part of our routine. All in the name of fun and games.
Now click on Step 1 and start on the journey of a lifetime--"bloodbrothers" with the Vampires.