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December 2001 -- US $2.00/ Can. $3.50


 Squadron Leaders Prepare for Launch of IL-2
 November 20, 2001 -- As the number of days until the launch of IL2 quickly diminshes, the final preparations for IL-2 are being ironed out.

The launch of Maddox Game's revolutionary IL2 approches store shelves, and the I/NJG11 will be among the first to buy game. "We're hoping to be among the first in the line of recruiters" says CO Kaiser. "I don't think that recruiting will be as much a problem [in IL2] as it was in WWII Fighters... especially in the first few days."

IL-2 Sturmovik, set to launch in late November, is propped up to be one of the best flight sims, not only of the year, but perhaps on a revolutionary scale as well. "We are well aware that the game is more Russian based than German, but the game will definitely launch with the ME-109... I've also heard several rumors that put the FW-190 among the game's competitors" Kaiser said this week. "In any case, we'll adapt as we usually do"

 Executive Officer Competition, Or Appointment?
The position of Executive Officer will be an important one, but who will fill it?
"There is a slight problem with our chain of command" says the Staff team. "The problem being that, the XO will have to be much more skilled than other squadrons you may be familiar with." The Staff  was quoted as saying also that the position of XO will be open for quite some time, even after the I/NJG11 is truly active.
 The problem stems from an examination this week, where it was found that the XO would have too much to shoulder if the actual standing plan was kept.
"We've reworked the system of input and we've transferred most of his duties to the CO and admin officer. We still feel that it may be a daunting task, and so now our main problem is finding the man who has the right plan.... we want someone who can do the job, and do it right"
As for now, the CO says that the position will be filled on a strictly volunteer basis, in which those who apply will be considered in a selective competition. "Under no circumstances will I resort to appointing someone to that position. At the same time, however, I don't one anyone who won't take the position seriously"

 SOP and Member Agreements Revised
We know what you're thinking: "Awwww!"
"I was up late one night, and I came to the thought that there were no general terms on which a squadron operated. I figured, 'Up to this point, everything was done by spur-of-the-moment decisions,'" Kaiser said. "I was reading through the SOP--Standard Operating Procedures--of the local USMCJROTC this week, and it gave me a few good ideas"
In addition to revising the Member Agreements, several new sections were also added--from awards and medals to the MLSC locks. "When we launch this month in HyperLobby, we're going to be organized. And it's going to stay that way," he said.
The entire MLSC system has been redone, they A52 Design Team states. Among these improvements may come individual passwords, but it may also bring about problems until the squadron "really gets settled in," member Boris said. He then later said, "We guaruntee you, we will be the most advanced squadron at that recruiting table, come early- to mid- December."

 HyperLobby Remains Home to Vampires
Jiri continues his ravenous thirst for supporting online flight sims.
HyperLobby creator and host Jiri Fojtasek announced with the release of HL Pro 2.4.90 that IL-2 Sturmovik would be supported in the next version. This effectively means that HyperLobby will remain the home of I/NJG11, as was not expected.
"This produces a number of problems" Kaiser said of the plans. "It throws a wrench into the works, so to speak. But, on the bright side, we'll still retain the same audience and support." Among the problems he foretold was the whole situation with the subsidation of the NJG11. "Originally, we thought we were going to be playing in the same lobby, so we came to an agreement and the CFS players went to the II/NJG11. Now, it doesn't work that way, and our Gruppen designation makes us appear as part of the HyperLobby WWII Fighters faction of NJG." He assured us that the squadron would retain its markings, even holding them true on its aircraft's markings. "I'm proud to be NJG. And so are they. I hope it stays that way," he said jokingly.
The support for IL-2 is expected in the next version of HyperLobby, scheduled to be released sometime during the first week of December.
"We promised that we would be there on opening day for the launch of IL-2. That fell down on its face, but we're determined to be there for at least the Hyperlobby launch," the Staff said.