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Real NJG 11 History
In taking on the name of the NachtJagdGeschwader 11, we honor those in the actual squadron who died for their ideals during the expanse of World War II.

Information is added to this page as it is researched, donated, or submitted. If you can add to the collection of information on the NJG11, Please e-mail one of the Staff members!

The first Gruppe of the NJG11 was formed on 28.8.44, relatively late in the war. From our sources, it shows that the Stab, the commanding brain of the squadron, was "never formed." I am in the process of verifying this information. The NJG 11 disbanded on 8.5.45.

The Nachtjagdgeschwader 11 is, to our knowledge, the only squadron of it's type utilizing Focke-Wulf FW-190A-6/R11's, Messerschmitt ME-109's, and Messerschmitt ME-262's rather than the ME-110's and their variants commonly used by the Third Reich throughout the war.

A few of these aircraft were equipped with the experimental FuG 217 Neptun J-2 radar, small three-pronged antenna receptacle devices for short- to medium-range aircraft detection. Little is known about this experimental radar; it is believed that all records were destroyed with the aircraft of the squadron, if any such information ever was recorded.

Although the NJG 11 existed for a short period of time, it is known that the number of kills inflicted by these experimental FW-190A-6's equipped with the Neptun radar had a far greater kill-to-loss ratio (almost double) that of the BF-110 equipped squadrons. Commanders attributed this to the maneuverability and versatility of the squadron, consisting primarily of BF-109's.

All of the planes of the NJG 11 were painted with RLM74 Grey Green and RLM75 Grey-Violet on the topside of the aircraft, and either Black or Light Grey on the bottom, depending on the time period.

More information will be posted here as it is researched.